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GASC members share a commitment to investing in community-based approaches to community safety. We are working towards a more equitable and comprehensive approach to community safety where violence prevention and Community Violence Intervention (CVI) programs are a permanent and central feature of the community safety ecosystem in our region.

Since 2021, the State of Illinois, Cook County, and the City of Chicago have collaborated to promote equitable, effective, and coordinated allocation and distribution of federal American Rescue Plan Act funds and local public funding.

GASC Grants & Funding Opportunities


The GASC Grants Guide is a central hub for local organizations in Chicagoland and Cook County to learn about and connect to funding opportunities offered by the State of Illinois, Cook County, and City of Chicago.

Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS)


The Office of Firearm Violence Prevention (OFVP) under the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) was created in 2021 as a result of the Reimagine Public Safety Act (RPSA) which structured a comprehensive response to the public health emergency of firearm violence in Illinois. Under the RPSA, OFVP increases community capacity to address the root causes of violence by investing in 36 of the highest risk communities in the state, funding an array of violence prevention and intervention services including street outreach, case management and victim services, and youth development programs. OFVP also provides technical assistance to community organizations and supports community level coordination through Community Conveners and Violence Prevention Coordination Councils. 

Open Funding Opportunities

  • No current opportunities.


To learn more and apply for open funding opportunities:

Visit IDHS: Office of Firearm Violence Prevention (OFVP) (state.il.us)

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA)


ICJIA prioritizes building equity, fairness, and opportunity with its work in criminal justice grants administration, research and analysis, policy and planning, and information systems and technology. ICJIA administers several state violence prevention programs with grants to provide violence prevention and reduction services, conflict intervention and mediation, and other strategies to reduce gun violence, domestic violence and community violence across the state. ICJIA also operates the Institute to Innovate (i2i) to build community capacity for obtaining and sustaining grant funds. I2i helps new and emerging organizations develop the business models, budgeting skills, and support networks needed to successfully manage and sustain grant funding.

Open Funding Opportunities

Community Violence Intervention & Prevention Initiative

  • A total of $900,000 is available to support violence intervention and prevention service provision in communities at highest risk for fatal and nonfatal shooting victimization. 
  • Eligible entities: American Rescue Plan Act grant recipients in the City of Chicago, suburban Cook County, and Lake County that have provided violence intervention services for two year or more. 
  • Deadline: May 17, 2024


To learn more and apply for open funding opportunities:

Visit icjia.illinois.gov

Cook County


Under the leadership of the Cook County Board President, the Cook County Justice Advisory Council (JAC) manages Cook County’s programs and investments connected to community safety, reentry and justice system reform. The JAC awards and manages grants in the areas of Violence Prevention, Services for Returning Residents as well as other areas of need including Capacity Building for community-based organizations. The JAC centers an investment approach that is evidence informed and community affirmed. The overarching goal of the JAC's grantmaking is to increase access to community-based services that improve community safety and reduce reliance on incarceration.

Open Funding Opportunities

Housing Services and Wraparound Supports (HSWS)

Cook County announced an open call and Request for Qualifications from organizations that provide housing and additional supports to housing insecure residents. The overarching goal of the HSWS initiative is to reduce community violence and prevent recidivism by enhancing housing options and additional supports for individuals, including those with criminal justice system involvement. 

Key Dates

  • Request for qualifications published - Monday, June 3, 2024 
  • Pre-Submittal Conference - Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 1:00pm 
  • Deadline submit response to the request for qualifications (RFQ) - Monday, July 15, 2024, 5:00pm


To learn more and apply for open funding opportunities:

Visit CookCountyIL.gov/JACGrants

City of Chicago


The City of Chicago supports those at highest risk of violence through street outreach and violence interruptions, coupled with case management and connections to mental health services and other wraparound services. Essential services include mediating emerging conflicts, establishing positive and secure relationships with individuals who are likely to be involved in violence and assisting them with life and safety focused transitions (work, school, health, and housing). Teams also build positive relationships with local law enforcement and community stakeholders to ensure Street Outreach teams get early alerts and can interrupt emerging conflicts.

Open Funding Opportunities

Hospital-Based Violence Intervention

Delegate Agency Solicitation #10321 (RFP) Specification Number:1300153

Through this RFP, the City of Chicago (“City”), acting through the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), seeks to identify qualified hospitals and community-based organizations to deliver hospital-based violence intervention programming and wrap around services to victims of violence who are at risk of repeat violent injury. The program term is August 1, 2024 through December 31, 2026, with the possibility of an optional one-year extension. More information at CDPH RFPs and Grant Opportunities.  

Key dates: 

  • Pre-Solicitation Conference: 06/27/2024 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Deadline for questions: 07/03/2024 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Proposal Due: 07/24/2024 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Tentative Contract Start Date: 08/01/2024


To learn more and apply for open funding opportunities:

Visit chicago.gov/bids

Additional Information

To learn about Chicago's funding opportunities: 

Visit chicago.gov

To learn about Cook County's funding opportunities: 

Visit engagecookcounty.com

To learn about the State of Illinois’ funding opportunities:

Visit dhs.state.il.us